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Welcome to the official STÖMOL movie website

STÖMOL is a feature length science fiction machinima filmed entirely in Second Life®. It was released on 23 July 2020.


A film about history

Official history tells us the sky turned red after an asteroid hit the planet and a trillion particles of dust got blasted into the air. But some people say that’s a lie. They claim we did this to ourselves.

They can’t prove any of it. From 1990 onwards – seventy years of history – there’s official conglomerate media only. Systems today don’t recognise the file formats from back then. ‘Digital Hygeine,’ they tell us.

A film about truth

Is truth just the story we create so that things seem to make sense, the line that joins up the dots into a picture we can understand? We think each dot can only lead to one other, but what if every dot leads to a thousand others and a million different pictures can be drawn?



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WAARHEID: The Trailer

The trailer for my new movie, WAARHEID, premiered inworld on Friday at the Fantasy Faire and can now be watched below. WAARHEID is the sequel to STÖMOL. The cast includes Caitlin Tobias, Huckleberry Hax, Avajean Westland, Ylva, Strawberry Singh, Boudicca Amat and Mich Michabo. The full movie will be released later this year, in December. …