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STÖMOL is a feature length science fiction machinima filmed entirely in Second Life®. It was released on 23 July 2020.


A film about history

Official history tells us the sky turned red after an asteroid hit the planet and a trillion particles of dust got blasted into the air. But some people say that’s a lie. They claim we did this to ourselves.

They can’t prove any of it. From 1990 onwards – seventy years of history – there’s official conglomerate media only. Systems today don’t recognise the file formats from back then. ‘Digital Hygeine,’ they tell us.

A film about truth

Is truth just the story we create so that things seem to make sense, the line that joins up the dots into a picture we can understand? We think each dot can only lead to one other, but what if every dot leads to a thousand others and a million different pictures can be drawn?



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There’s one last thing for me to do on my STÖMOL tick list: publish a web page with the movie embedded. So here it is. Underneath the video below are a few additional musings which you have my permission to ignore completely. It’s been a thrilling end to a long journey. When I started on …