STÖMOL: One year anniversary and some deleted scenes (featuring a guest appearance by Ruth).

STÖMOL was released on 23 July 2020 in a private inworld premiere, with the Linden public showing taking place the next day – one year ago exactly.

How to celebrate this? I don’t think we’re at the Director’s Commentary edition just yet; to tide you over until the moment that becomes something that doesn’t cause eyes to roll (I reckon the five year anniversary for that), I’m releasing today publicly a few scenes that never made it into the final movie (yes, these have been previously available, but only if you did Complicated Things With Secret Hidden Stuff).

First off, here is the original visualisation of the Quill’s secret hideout, deleted in the end because it felt too grandiose.

Second, here’s the first attempt at the scene in which we meet Waarheid for the first time. This is more of an abandoned clip than a deleted one: we never got to finish filming it because the sim we were using closed abruptly.

Third, here’s the original version of the street food scene, which was discarded due to the opening of another sim which offered better visual continuity. This scene featured a surprise guest appearance by Ruth, the original SL avatar.

What has happened in the year that has passed? Well, there was STÖMOL’s entry into the Denver Digerati SUPERNOVA film festival in September, in which it took second place in the main competition. This was an unexpected joy, and the thing I’m most proud of about that is the demonstration it provided of Second Life as a platform for animation.

Then there were the events at the 2021 Fantasy Faire, including a public screening and a great interview by Saffia Widdershins.

And then, last month, there was the STÖMOL Exhibition at SL18B, which I really enjoyed putting together and then seeing people exploring. Before the exhibition closed, I did a little film of it, which you can see below.

If you’re interested in grabbing some of that limited edition merchandise you saw in that video, you can find the trading cards here and the cutouts here.

What’s next? Well, if you saw my casting call back in May, you’ll known I’m working on something new. Expect an official announcement some time in September…

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