STÖMOL accepted for SUPERNOVA Digital Film Festival

Erik Mondrian, one of the winners of the New World Notes competition for a free ticket to the inworld private premiere of STÖMOL, enjoyed my film so much he told me I should consider submitting it to a film festival. If you’ve seen my Lab Gab interview with Strawberry Linden, you’ll hopefully know by now just how much of a novice I am to all of this film-making stuff, and therefore won’t be entirely surprised to learn that my response to this was, “How do I do that?”

Luckily for me, Erik not only set about educating me on festival portal,, he also went through the thousands of festivals there to find the perfect match for STÖMOL: the Denver SUPERNOVA Digital Film Festival.

Established in 2016, the festival showcases “animation and motion-art created by individual artists or teams using computer software as the focal development of their work […] Genres are not limited but tend toward narrative, abstract, experimental, playful, mind-bending, gaming/machinema, music video, educational, documentary, etc.” The festival takes place around the city of Denver, displaying selected films to its residents via public LCD screens. This year, due to Covid-19, there will be fewer screens for this and a greater focus placed on accessing the festival online. The theme for this year’s festival is ‘World on fire.’

BUT Erik discovered SUPERNOVA with just two days to go before the submission deadline, so a hasty application had to be put together. And I was delighted to learn yesterday that STÖMOL has been selected for the festival, which will run from 17 to 19 September.

The public screen on the corner of 14th and Champa (photo: SUPERNOVA)

If you’re a Denver resident, then, there’s a chance that you could get to watch STÖMOL on the outdoors screen at the corner of 14th and Champa during the festival. If not, you can watch STÖMOL and the other festival entries online (head over to the festival site for details). The schedule has not yet been published but I will add the details in a new blog post just as soon as I have them.

Header image taken from the 2020 SUPERNOVA promotional video, which can be watched in full here.

STÖMOL: Where and how to watch it

Ok folks, we’re almost there. Enough with all the promotion. It’s time to actually release STÖMOL.

Here’s how you’ll be able to watch the movie from Thursday onwards. Please note, these details are a tiny bit different from those I gave in last Friday’s Lab Gab. The main difference is that, for the first 24 hours, the movie will be available via New World Notes rather than my YouTube channel (doing it this way just gives me one less thing to think about on Thursday).

Thursday 23 July

You will  be able to watch STÖMOL exclusively on New World Notes from 3:10pm SLT onwards.

Click the link and hit refresh at 3:10pm.

At the same time as this, we will be holding the private premiere event inworld.

Congratulations to New World Notes competition winners AvaJean Westland and Erik Mondrian, who both won a free ticket to this event.

Friday 24 July

As announced on Lab Gab last week, and in collaboration with Linden Lab, a large scale screening of STÖMOL will be held inworld at 3pm SLT at Town Hall Island.

This will be a huge, four region venue with a capacity of about 200 people, so all are welcome. You will need to be in the latest version of the official viewer to watch the movie. The event will be attended by the cast of STÖMOL and also a number of Lindens. There will be a short Q&A session also.

The Town Hall Island venue. It’s huge!

I’m really excited about this event – a total first for me in my 13 years of SL – and hope to see you there.

Just prior to this event, STÖMOL will be released for public viewing on YouTube.

Saturday 25 July

I will release a blog post here with the movie embedded.

The movie will also be left on permanent play in The Nancy Redgrave Building.


Lab Gab Episode 30 – STÖMOL

In case you haven’t yet seen it, below is yesterday’s episode of Lab Gab, which was entirely focused on STÖMOL. We spent a whole hour talking to host Strawberry Linden about the movie, and I have to say the time simply flew by. It was great fun – and an enormous privilege.

At the end of the episode, a big announcement was made: Linden Labs will be hosting an extra inworld event for the movie on Friday 24 July at 3pm (24 hours after the film’s release). This will be a live streaming of the film in a four sim venue, attended by the STÖMOL cast and a number of Lindens. All are welcome at this event, and I will be publishing the location once it’s been finalised. We are hugely excited about this and so grateful to Linden Lab for such a great opportunity.

We’re now less than a week away from the film going live. Stay tuned this week for further details.

Caitlin Tobias’s blog about the interview here.

STÖMOL to be featured on LabGab

STÖMOL Assistant Director Caitlin Tobias and I will be appearing on Linden Lab’s weekly live show, LabGab, today (17 July) to discuss the movie. Hosted by Strawberry Linden, the programme will be broadcast at 11am SLT here (previous episodes of LabGab can be found here). You can also watch on the official Second Life Twitter account and on the official Second Life Facebook page.


Cait and I met up with Strawberry and Brett Linden on Monday to discuss the show. We are delighted with their enthusiastic response to the movie and can’t wait to talk about it further with Strawberry later today.

STÖMOL merch (yes)

If you think this is bonkers then you’re probably right. But I’m feeling celebratory. After all, creating STÖMOL took up nearly 18 months of my life (ok, I did squeeze in the day job during that time and quite a bit of other stuff besides). And, when it comes to SL purchasable stuff, there is always the option to shake your head in disbelief and, you know, not purchase it.

And, with the movie finally finished and uploaded to YouTube all ready for its premiere on 23 July, I have to find something to do with my time besides doing the subtitles and getting my place all spruced up and ready for the premiere and deciding on the invitation list and the HUGE job of sending all the invites out and keeping track of the RSVPs (ok, so Cait’s doing that) and contacting various people about the movie to promote it (ok, Cait’s doing that too).

A word about the premiere event. It will be held inworld on 23 July at 3pm SLT. I’m afraid it’s an invitation only event since the capacity of the sim is just 44 people – and there’s a lot of people who helped out with the movie who we want to thank through an invitation. But what we’re aiming to do is to show the movie inworld at the same time that it premieres on YouTube, so you should still be able to watch along. I say this is what we’re aiming to do, but keep in mind that this is the first time I’ve ever premiered anything on YouTube, so it’s all new territory for me. At some point over the next couple of weeks, however, I’ll be hitting the start button on the countdown timer on YouTube and publishing the movie URL so that everyone knows where to go for when the timer hits zero. So stay tuned.


So merchandise. Yes. Over the next week, I’ll be releasing various bits of merch into my marketplace store. These items will all be no copy but transfer enabled, and they will be limited in quantity. Yes, I’m trying to create virtual collectors’ items here.

Today I’m announcing the STÖMOL lifesize cutout range, available right now. There are 100 of each of the seven main movie characters (Epi Stömol, Waarheid, Verity Certain, The Quill, The Eye, Istinito and Adevarul) and you can pick each one up for just L$29. Once they’re gone they’re gone – though, for the sake of transparency, I should add that I’ll be gifting an additional number (up to 50 of each character, also no copy and transfer enabled) to various people.


What will they be worth in six months’ time? Probably L$29 – but you never know! At least you’ll have something that very few other people will have. That’s something. Right?

You can browse the range here. Enjoy!

STÖMOL: One more preview clip

As we pass into the month of July, with just three weeks remaining before the premiere of STÖMOL, it’s time for one more preview clip. Released exclusively on New World Notes (with a short interview), the scene features me as Epi Stömol, and Ylva as Verity Certain. The music in this clip is by my much missed friend, David H Dean.

And don’t forget, you can watch the previously released clip here and the movie trailer here.

STÖMOL release date: 23 July 2020

After a long haul that began in February 2019, I’m finally ready to announce a release date for STÖMOL, my feature-length science fiction machinima: 23 July 2020.

Stay tuned for further details of the premiere plus a number of events in the days leading up to it.

In the meantime, if you haven’t seen them already you can watch a trailer here and a preview clip here.

STÖMOL: A new poster

Yesterday, a new poster for STÖMOL, was revealed on New World Notes. The old poster was knocked together in just over an hour one evening and was starting to look tired, so I asked Assistant Director, Caitlin Tobias to sort out a new one whilst I continue editing work. Cait spent several evenings photographing each of the main cast members in their movie costumes and presented me with the poster below, which is better than I could have hoped for. Thank you Cait!

If you would like to use this image on your blog or social media to promote the movie, please feel free to do so! Also, we’ll be sorting out a press release pack in the coming days with more images to use.

Because the release is getting closer! You’ll see from the poster that I’m aiming for a release in July. I can’t give you an exact date just yet, because there are still a few elements left to be added to the movie which have an unknown length of time attached to them. As things stand today, however, filming is complete, music is complete, sound effects are 99% complete, and dialogue is about 20% complete. Also, I have a few green screen effects to add.

You can also view a three minute exclusive preview clip from the movie at the New World Notes link above, which I will be running here also tomorrow.